GM2000 is developed based on Geomachine’s decades of experience designing rigs and TKP Group’s expertise in manufacturing mobile work machines and DTH drilling equipment. The solution includes the development of a revolutionary DTH drill rig, a compressor and booster pattern and an IoT-based control system for controlling and developing the drilling process. We also support our customers with the rig’s technical operation and help improve the drilling processes.

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High production rate is the key to success

With GM2000 the drilling process is automated. Drilling value monitoring keeps the driller constantly aware of the needed drilling parameters – even when the work occurs several hundred meters deep.

GM2000 is operated using a CAN-bus control system. The system enables automated drilling with GM Weight-on-Bit (WoB) control. WoB keeps the drill bit pressure against the ground at ampredefined target level, optimizing the drilling speed and minimizing wear and damage to the bit. All the operations can be controlled and adjusted with a remote control.

With GMTracker data-logger, drilling parameters and rig performance are constantly monitored and data is stored in a cloud service for later analysis. The operator can report their own observations and drilling progress. Information across multiple sites can be analyzed enabling continuous learning and performance improvement.

The drill mast is designed to provide even 60 ton lifting force to move the heavy drilling equipment rapidly and accurately. Thanks to DTH technology, the rig penetrates fast even in hard Scandinavian granite.

The tilting rotary head is automated to work together with the feeding table loading and unloading the drill string. Opening and tightening of the rod connections are made easy with a hydraulic clamp and sliding rod holder. All operations are protected by a safety radar system. All this makes drilling safe, fast and easy for the operator.

Easy mobilization and fast deployment are another key features of GM2000. It is small in size, easy to transport and fast to prepare for drilling.

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Ingenious overall concept

The GM2000 well drilling rig is part of Geomachine’s integrated geothermal energy drilling concept. Find out more!


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