Efficient, profitable and high quality, that is what we believe innovation should be. That’s why we’re developing market leading digital innovations that will take our customers into a new and smarter era.

Inspired by the Future

Geomachine equipment has been inspired by the layers of soil formed by the Ice Age. Because these machines operate in the most challenging conditions in the world, they work anywhere.

Consequently, our digital innovations are heavily dependant on the future. Our vision is to be the world’s leading manufacturer of soil investigation equipment, which means our machines must also be first in class for intelligence. We are constantly developing new digital innovations to better understand what is really beneath the surface.

Developed for soil investigation, the first member of our digital product family is the GMTracker data-logger. In the future, it will be joined by software versions that support ore prospecting, well-drilling and piling.

In future, the Geomachine range will also include many other digital services that will revolutionise the way their users do their job.


In soil investigation, information is a product, that is, an understanding of what is really beneath the surface. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the data generated in the investigation process is documented to the highest possible quality standards.

GMTracker data-logger is the solution, the first in the world that allows data to be stored, processed, visualised and transmitted on the same device.

The investigation data generated by the software is of the highest quality. Both INFRA and SGF formats are supported for reporting and data transfer. Notebooks are no longer needed as the drill operator can save survey data to GMTracker’s visual interface with a few keystrokes as drilling progresses.

GMTracker takes advantage of the latest IoT and cloud technologies. This makes it the most modern and intelligent soil investigation data management and work management tool currently available.

The recorder’s terminal is shockproof and works reliably even in the most challenging weather conditions. It is safe to use even in extreme temperatures and humidity. The usability of the data-logger in real-life work situations is also enhanced by the clarity, ease of use, and logic of its user interface.

To make work more efficient and safe Geomachine’s GMTracker data-logger is integrated into the Scanreco radio remote controller. Read more about the integration here.


Geomachine is launching a data-logger software innovation that now allows soil investigation data to be collected and distributed more intelligently than before. The software is the first of its kind in the world.

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Geomachine's digital product family is constantly evolving and growing. In the future, it will include even more machine intelligence, as well as data collection, reporting, and analysis capabilities. The ultimate goal of all product development is to create intelligent services that continuously make working more efficient, profitable, and high quality.

Geomachine's product range currently includes three innovative digital services:

Sensors are installed on the work machine which monitor and measure the operation of the machine according to the customer's measurement needs. The data-logger software records the survey data in real time and forwards it from the site.

A cloud platform where research data is stored in real time. Here, the information can be processed into the desired format and automatically distributed to anyone who needs it.

Office user interface that can be used to monitor information collected from the work machine and update the machine's work queue and tasks in real time.