The energy consumption of the drilling rig is linked to the performed investigation method. By choosing a fully electric drilling rig, the carbon footprint of the ground investigation process can be lightened by up to 40,000 kilos per year – and at the same time corresponding fuel savings are achieved. In addition to economy, the drilling rig use comfortability is also improved as the diesel engine does not have to be turned on when conducting investigations.

The GMe100 is the world’s first heavy-duty, all-electric ground investigation rig that can also be used for diamond coring. Like all other Geomachine drilling rigs, also GMe100 is equipped with the intelligent GM IQAN remote control system, and the navigation and data-logging software GMTracker. The storing and real-time distribution of investigation and machine data is enabled by the GMCloud cloud service.

The supported investigation methods are the same as in diesel-powered drilling rigs. The rig’s power source is an electric motor with a nominal power of 60 kW, which guarantees sufficient power to perform all functions that require hydraulics of the rig. To maximize energy efficiency, the rig’s air compressor works with its own separate electric motor.

The GMe100 drilling rig has a built-in 121 kilowatt hour 400 volt battery system. The batteries are charged efficiently with the CCS standard equipment at a maximum power of 93 kilowatts.

When needed, the GM Powerpack increases the battery capacity of the GMe100 drilling rig by 121 kilowatt hours, which allows working with the rig continuously on a single charge for even longer.

The Powerpack is installed on top of a traffic-approved trailer, so it is easy to transport. The charging can be done, for example, at fast charging stations for passenger cars.

In addition to the GMe100 drilling rig, the GM Powerpack can also be used in other Geomachine rig models as a power source for the hybrid package.

Geomachine’s drilling rig models GM75, GM85, GM100, GM200 and GM8 have been available as hybrids since 2021. The hybrid feature enables the power source of these rigs to be changed from diesel to electricity, for example when the working environment places restrictions on drilling emissions or sound intensity. Thanks to the hybrid, drilling doesn’t cause interference in the middle of a dense population or even indoors.

In addition to the diesel engine, two different electric motor options are available for the drilling rig:

  • The GM Hybrid Unit 60 produces a sufficient amount of power for all investigation methods
  • The GM Hybrid Unit 22 is suitable for lighter drilling methods