GMTracker is a data-logger that enables more intelligent management of soil investigation data than ever before.


GMTracker data-logger is the world’s first digital solution that combines the storage, processing, visualisation and transmission of field investigation data. Thanks to these superior features, it enables easy access to field investigation data as well as the ability to control the most common soil investigation methods.

The GMTracker runs in a shockproof tablet and operates reliably even in the most challenging weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures and humidity.

The data-logger provides the user with high-quality reports on the investigation work. The drill operator can take notes on the progress of the drilling process effortlessly and in real time. Notebooks are no longer needed, as data can be conveniently stored in GMTracker’s visual interface by touching the screen.

To make work more efficient and safe Geomachine’s GMTracker data-logger is integrated into the Scanreco radio remote controller. Read more about the integration here.

The GM4W Blue has been designed for investigating soft soil and clay beds in accordance with current geotechnical requirements.

The device is suitable for use in all Geomachine drilling rigs. Drilling can also be performed using casing pipes, as they can be easily fed through the device.

Results can be monitored simultaneously on a graphic TFT color display. The unit is easy to use and compact in size. Measurements are linear and do not require any device correction factors.