For an efficient, profitable and high-quality well-drilling process, you must understand how your drilling parameters affect the productivity. GMTrackerDTH software enables real-time monitoring, data collection, reporting and analysis of the process. It helps to make the drilling process more efficient through machine learning.

The smartest well drilling in the world

GMTrackerDTH utilises soil investigation measurement and control technology to enable the monitoring of the drill rig’s operation and the intelligent collection and analysis of data.

The drilling progress can be recorded and tracked graphically. The values monitored include drilling feed speed, rotation speed and torque, feed force, and drill bit pressure. When using a Geomachine compressor, the data-logger can also monitor the compressor’s fuel consumption, drilling pressure and air volume. The operator can also add notes to the drilling progress chart.

The drilling data produced by GMTrackerDTH is automatically stored in the GMCloud service to make it accessible to those who need it.

Machine learning is one of the superior features of the GMTrackerDTH. The operator can choose the monitored indicators, after which the software suggests adjustments based on what it learns during drilling.

GMTrackerDTH allows data analysis over multiple drilling sites and equipment choices to find the most economical values for the drilling process and enable predictability. The data-logger automatically measures soil composition and records rock socket connections and rock fractures, so it can also be used as a reporting tool.

All this helps to ensure a successful drilling process even in challenging conditions. The role of the machine operator changes from a driller to a process controller.

GMTrackerDTH can be installed on new Geomachine rigs at the factory or retrofitted to existing rigs. It is available as a comprehensive service, including both the data-logging software and the cloud service.

GMTrackerDTH is part of Geomachine’s digital product family.

  • Diesel consumption monitor
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Issue reporting
  • Inspections

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GMTracker monitoring include e.g.:

  • Weight on bit
  • Feed and rotation speed
  • Feed / lifting force
  • Torque
  • Air valve position
  • Fuel consumption
  • Water pump pressure