In column stabilization, a hole of about 20 meters deep is pressed in soil. Lime or cement-based binder is fed into the hole and mixed with the soil at the same time. The binder solidifies into the soil as a column when it reacts to soil moisture.

Designed for column stabilization

The GM22S is a reliable drilling rig specially designed for column stabilization. The drilling depth of the rig is 22 meters and in its product development, special attention has been paid to improving the efficiency, safety and ergonomics of this stabilization method. The overall cost-effectiveness of stabilization is improved by the rig’s easy mobility and quick deployment on the job site.

In the design of the GM22S stabilization rig, Geomachine’s decades of experience in the design of exploration and well drilling rigs and TKP Group’s know-how in the manufacture of mobile work machines have been utilized.

The GM22S stabilization rig is a reliable tool for performing column stabilization due to its robust structure, technology choices and Geomachine’s first-class mechanical engineering know-how.

The machine is overall economical to use, as its downtime is minimized. In the event of a fault, the problems can be fixed quickly with the help of the GMTracker data-logger’s fault reporting features and Geomachine’s expert service network.

The GM22S stabilization rig is controlled by the IQAN digital control system. The control system is integrated with ONTEC’s stabilization and Novatron’s positioning systems.

The machine’s boom can be tilted lengthwise and laterally relative to the machine’s body. The input and lifting force for the sled is produced by a hydraulic winch and cables.

The GM22S stabilization rig has an ergonomic and safe cab. The cockpit has been designed precisely for the needs of stabilization in the Finnish NTCab company, which is part of the TKP Group.

The machine and its functions are controlled with joysticks. Stabilization takes place with the Ontec, Novatron and IQAN solutions automated integration.

The GM22S stabilizer rig’s chassis tracks are wide and the surface pressure is low, thanks to which the machine stays upright in soft soil.

The safety of the walking platforms has been under special consideration. The machine is equipped with vandal dampers.

The GM22S stabilization rig consists of a swiveling upper carriage, a lower carriage and a mast. Two mixture tanks and the necessary compressed air equipment for stabilization are installed in the upper carriage.

Thanks to its compact size, the machine can be moved to the job site on a trailer and can also be used in a densely built-up urban environment.

Stabilization can be performed with GM22S manually or with automatic control. The machine uses Ontec’s stabilization management system, which adjusts the drilling depth, dispenses the right amount of binder into the drilled hole, and documents the stabilization process.

The exact positioning of the columns takes place automatically with Novatron’s positioning system.

Geomachine’s GMTracker data-logging software is available for managing machine data, site inspections and maintenance of the stabilization rig.