One 1500 – 2000 meter deep energy well replaces 40 – 60 traditional shallow ones. Deeper wells enable the utilization of geothermal energy at larger construction sites and in district heating networks.

Geomachine’s geothermal solution includes the development of a revolutionary DTH drill rig that drills down to 2000 meters. In addition the concept includes a compressor and booster pattern as well as an IoT-based control system for controlling and developing the drilling process. We also support our customers with the rig’s technical operation and help improve the drilling processes.

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Geomachine’s geothermal well drilling concept


GM2000 is a geothermal well-drilling rig that enables the efficient utilisation of geothermal heat in larger sites and district heating networks. It is the first rig in the world specially designed for drilling 2,000-metre-deep wells.

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GMair35 is an economical, simple-to-use compressor. All unnecessary has been eliminated to produce compressed air with as little fuel as possible.

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GMair80 powered by Keystone is a booster compressor modified for Scandinavian conditions. It compresses the compressed air up to 79 bar with 70 cubic metres of air per minute.

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GMTrackerDTH is a solution for monitoring the drilling work and collecting and storing drilling data. It increases the overall efficiency of the drilling process by monitoring the drilling parameters and, if necessary, suggesting changes to optimise the process.

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