Inspired by the Ice Age

Geomachine is designed for the most challenging conditions in the world. Since it can even drill into soil shaped by the Ice Age, we dare to promise it will work anywhere.

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Products for geotechnical investigation, geological exploration and well drilling in the world's most challenging conditions

Geotechnical Drill Rigs

Geomachine geotechnical drill rigs are designed to operate in difficult soil and challenging terrain. Due to their versatility, they are suitable for a wide variety of different types of geotechnical and geological drilling.

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Geological Drill Rigs

Geomachine’s largest drill rigs are an excellent choice for exploration work when fitted with specially designed diamond coring equipment, i.e. an exploration boom.

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Topical themes

Geothermal wells drilled with the GM2000 have been succ...


In Salo, Finland, heat is stored in 2,000-meter-deep geothermal wells drilled with the Geomachine GM2000 geothermal drilling rig. This is the f...

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A new product innovation for soil investigation


Geomachine is constantly developing its product range so that soil investigation can be done more efficiently and profitably. The most recent ad...

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Deep geothermal heat is here


With the GM2000 drilling rig, it is now possible to drill a geothermal well to a depth of more than two kilometers – quickly, replicably and at com...

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At your service

We know a machine is productive only when it is being used. Therefore, we take pride in servicing and delivering spare parts to our clients quickly and reliably whatever the situation. We also offer equipment rental and engineering services.

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Under the Surface

It is a matter of honour to us that our customers can work as productively as possible with the best equipment available. Read more about why Geomachine is the most attractive option in the market when you need to investigate what is under the surface.

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All Geomachine rigs are designed to penetrate the world’s most versatile ground – soil shaped by the Ice Age. In addition, our rigs also move effortlessly in the most challenging terrain.

Geomachine designs and builds rigs that generate profit for their owners. To keep profits rolling in, regular maintenance will ensure the rig remains reliable in all conditions, avoiding unnecessary breakdowns and expensive downtime.

Geomachine provides reliable parts and servicing. Whatever the situation, our spare parts deliveries are swift and repairs are carried out without delay. We know that earning our customers’ trust can only be achieved by doing things right in practice, and we do our very best to achieve this every day.

Geomachine drilling rigs are versatile, making them a cost-efficient and profitable purchase. Units are modular in design and can be customized according to customer requirements.

All Geomachine products are designed and manufactured in Finland to the highest quality standards.

Geomachine aims to stay one step ahead the competition by investing heavily in research and continuous product development.

Feedback with integrity

”I think Geomachine drill rigs perform much better in the snow compared to other brands we’ve tried. The support we receive from Geomachine when there is a problem is very good, which is why we trust them so much.”

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Jörgen Noppa, AFRY

”We needed a drill rig with proven reliability and functionality. Northern Norway has a cold climate, rugged terrain and it’s a long way to a workshop. Geomachine delivers spare parts quickly and customer service is available 24/7.”

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Stig Bjarne Larsen, Sweco

”In my opinion, Geomachine drilling rigs are the best option for a driller who wants to perform his work with the highest possible quality and cost-effectiveness. I can unreservedly give Geomachine five stars.”

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Kenneth Reiersen, Mesta AS