More power for geothermal drilling

GMair80 is a 79 bar/74 m3 single-phase booster manufactured by Keystone Drill Services Inc. It’s powered by a Caterpillar C7.1 (Stage V) engine and boosted by Ariel JGQ-2. The booster compressor is installed in a 20-foot container, making it easy to move, protect and even heat in sub-zero temperatures.

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In component selection, reliability has been the most important criterion. The booster unit is mounted on a sturdy, heavy-duty platform and the unit is delivered in a modified 20-foot shipping container.

  • LED working and maintenance lights
  • Lifting points on the top, tie-down points on the sides
  • Meets the CE requirements

  • Fuel-operated engine heater
  • Data logging and remote monitoring

A booster compressor manufactured by Keystone Drill Services Inc. has been chosen as the compressed air booster for Geomachine’s GM2000 concept.

Keystone Drill Services is one of the world’s leading drilling experts and manufacturers of drilling equipment. In its selections, it has e.g. drills, high-pressure air compressors and boosters, and drill bits.

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