The line is now open from GMTracker to the machine’s maintenance partner



When there is something to be repaired in the drilling rig, it is good to carry out the maintenance work as quickly as possible. That’s why we have now opened a connection between the GMTracker data-logger, Geomachine’s service and its contracted service shops.

GMIssues is a feature added to GMTracker, which allows you to report and solve problems in the drilling rig more quickly in cooperation with the machine’s maintenance partner.

A report with pictures of the observations is sent to the maintenance partner via GMTracker. With one click, it is also possible to add the real-time inspection results and fault codes saved in GMTracker to the maintenance work order.

Thanks to a thorough error report, fixing problems is straightforward. For example, the software faults of the drilling rig can now be solved remotely, and in addition, the machine’s maintenance manager can also correct some of the faults himself with the help of the maintenance partner.

Fast problem reporting leads to faster problem resolution. The sooner the problems are fixed, the better the repair costs are kept under control and the cost efficiency of the machine at the best level.

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