Recognition for services and capacity to operate in challenging terrain



The story of AFRY began in the Swedish city of Malmö 125 years ago. Today, AFRY employs more than 16,000 devoted experts within the fields of infrastructure, industry and energy, operating across the world to create sustainable solutions for the next generation. AFRY has offices in more than 40 countries and manages projects in more than 100. AFRY currently operates a large number of Geomachine soil investigation rigs in the Nordic countries carrying out operations in geotechnics and rock engineering.  

In my opinion, the usability of Geomachine drilling rigs in snow, is considerably better than other brands we have tried. The support received from Geomachine when there is a problem has been excellent, which is why our trust in them is solid. When there is a problem, Geomachine staff are quickly on site to rectify any issues, which is phenomenal service and also a prerequisite for us to operate in the field.

Jörgen Noppa, Team Leader, Field Geotechnics

AFRY field geotechnicians, Evelina Almqvist and Rickard Sundström, are also happy with Geomachine products. Evelina currently operates a GM85 and Rickard a GM8. Both drilling rigs are equipped with the new CAN bus system.

Rickard and Evelina feel the rigs’ top features are their easy operability and the option for all drilling tasks to be performed by remote control. Geomachine drilling rigs operate much better in deep snow than other rig brands they have tried. If there are ever any problems, Evelina and Rickard state that Geomachine support has always been just a phone call away.

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