Add intelligence to field data research, storage, and sharing



Geomachine is launching a data-logging software innovation which can be used to guide field research and collect and share research findings more intelligently than before. The software is the first of its kind in the world.

“Product development work for the data-logging software started with a real customer need,” says Pasi Majakangas, Geomachine Oy’s Director of Digital Business. “Currently, the biggest challenge in field research is the difficulty of collecting and reporting research findings. The GMTracker software we are launching now is the solution to this problem. It is the first in the world to record, process, visualise and transmit findings on the same device. ”

The first development version will be launched at the end of 2021. It can be conveniently accessed during maintenance on old machines as the new software is already included in the factory settings.

Superior features

GMTracker is a solution for work supervision and data storage of the most common soil investigation methods. “The project can be set up in GMTracker even before work starts, which makes actual field research work easier and more efficient,” says Pasi Majakangas. “The versatile measurement parameters of the software, on the other hand, ensure that nothing important goes unnoticed when drilling begins. Depending on the research method, the data-logger monitors, for example, drilling torque, force, reflection, time, rotation and feed rate, and depth. In addition, it can be used to make observational notes about different soil types and events during the investigation. All in all, the data-logger can be used to collect data in a really versatile way. ”

One of the most welcome features of the data-logger is its versatile reporting capabilities. “The driller can now take notes on the progress of the drilling process effortlessly and in real time. Notebooks are no longer needed, as data can be conveniently stored in GMTracker’s visual interface with the click of a button. ”

Even the finest features are useless if they don’t work in real life. “We recommend the Panasonic FZ-A3 as the software terminal. It is the most durable and reliable tablet terminal on the market. This ensures that the software works in even the most challenging weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures and humidity. The tablet can also be used when wearing work gloves, which is important in a real work situation. ”

Customer feedback as a basis for development work

GMTracker has been introduced to Geomachine’s customers in Finland and Norway during its product development phase. According to Pasi Majakangas, drillers and foremen have been very enthusiastic about the data-logger during the presentation phase. “After trying the device, our customers found it speeds up work. It was also considered important that unnecessary evening work was eliminated due to the data-logger’s reporting capabilities. GMTracker’s visual interface was praised for its clarity, ease of use, and logic. ”

The usability of the tablet terminal in construction site conditions concerned the drillers. “Doubts arose as to whether the device would withstand water splashes and frost, for example, or whether the screen would get scratched when wearing work gloves. The device is extremely weatherproof and we can protect the screen from scratches by covering it with a protective film. ”

According to Pasi Majakangas, customer feedback has been extremely important in the product development work of the device. “In designing the software, we have listened carefully to the wishes and opinions of our customers, as it is the only way to develop a tool that truly serves them. We will also test the next development versions together with our customers.”

The story is just beginning

GMTracker is designed as the first step in soil survey data management. In the future, the data generated can also be used to increase the efficiency of mineral exploration, well-drilling, and piling. According to Pasi Majakangas, however, this is just the beginning. “Our idea is that in the future, GMTracker can be used more extensively in Geomachine’s own as well as third-party machines.”

In the future, GMTracker will include even more superior features. “Next, we will develop a map view as well as monitoring the operation of the research machine. After that, we will add support for new methods of data transfer to the software and further develop work processes. The GMTracker of the future will also have more machine intelligence, data collection, reporting, and analysis capabilities. ”

At first, GMTracker will be used in Finland, but soon after that elsewhere as well. “With regard to soil research, we will expand to Sweden and Norway during 2022. These operators have their own research methods and working conditions. We offer customers in these markets versions of the data-logger tailored to their needs. ”

GMTracker software is Geomachine’s main opening for digital services. “The data-logger is the first member of our intelligent innovation product family. In future, we will also offer our customers other technology solutions that will make their work even more efficient, profitable and, high quality.”