Geomachine and PTO Teknikk AS deepen cooperation


PTO Teknikk AS

Geomachine and Norwegian PTO Teknikk AS are deepening their long-standing cooperation. PTO Teknikk AS has been Geomachine’s service partner for years, and will now also be responsible for selling Geomachine equipment in Norway and Iceland.

“It is very important that the customer receives comprehensive service in their own home market, whether it means something related to maintenance of a machine, or the purchase of a new machine or equipment,” says Samuli Salmela, CEO of Geomachine. “Our globalization strategy is to grow through cooperation with strong local professionals in the field of geotechnology.”

PTO Teknikk AS has been Geomachine’s service partner for several years. Now the cooperation is being extended to the sales side as well. “As of July 1, 2022, PTO Teknikk AS is our exclusive sales partner in the Norwegian and Icelandic markets. We are very happy about this as we see a lot of demand for our products in these areas. Our machines are at their best in the very challenging weather, terrain and ground conditions found in the Nordic countries. It’s great to be able to tell Norwegian, and now Icelandic soil investigation professionals more actively, about how we can make their operations more productive with our offering.”

Service for the entire device lifecycle

Investing in machinery is always a big decision for the customer and is significantly affected how economical the machine is in the long run. Therefore, one of the important cornerstones of Geomachine’s service is to provide its customers with expert service and maintenance throughout product’s life cycle.

Thanks to PTO Teknikk AS, maintenance services in Norway have been running smoothly for years. Robin Jensen, CEO of PTO Teknikk AS, is proud of his long partnership with Geomachine. “The machine only produces when it is being used and that is why our role as a service provider is important. We invest heavily in ensuring that Geomachine’s customers always receive the best and most technically high-quality service experience on the market.”

Robin Jensen thinks that expanding cooperation is an important step. “It is great that our cooperation is now deepening and we are therefore able to serve our customers in Norway even better in the future. We believe that it is always an indisputable advantage for the customer to get everything they need easily, from a familiar operator, a one stop shop.

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