Even more accurate data


DGPS smart antenna

In our opinion, the product is only functional when it genuinely improves work performance. That’s why Geomachine has added a feature to its GMTracker data-logger, thanks to which the drill hole can now be precisely located with the DGPS smart antenna. This makes GMTracker an even more accurate tool for ground investigation data management.

In the ground investigation process, the consultant must add the exact level and height coordinates to the investigation data before handing it over to the next stage of the process.

This is now even easier, as integration with a smart antenna has been added to the GMTracker data-logger. The coordinates located by the antenna can be added as part of the project data already in the field, which makes the work smoother. The integration is now implemented via Bluetooth with the Novatron Xsite Rover antenna, but in the future it’s also possible with similar devices from other manufacturers.

This new feature means faster and more error-free data management for our customers, i.e. a clear added value to the ground investigation data storage process.

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