The inspection of the drilling rig is now easily handled with GMTracker



It is extremely important that the drilling rig works on the site without interruption and problems. The drilling rig’s operational condition is ensured by its daily inspection, which can now be done effortlessly with the GMTracker data-logger.

During the rig’s daily condition check, its structures and the amount of liquids are reviewed, and the operation of its warning and alarm devices is verified. The daily inspection is aimed at ensuring the operational safety and uninterrupted operation of the machine.

Carrying out the daily inspection has now been made extremely easy, as it can be done completely electronically with the help of the GMTracker data-logger. Possible fault findings can be saved in the form of pictures and comments via the data-logger to the GMCloud cloud service, which immediately transmits information about repair needs to the party responsible for the repair.

GMTracker saves the entire inspection history of the machine as uniform documentation. If necessary, it is possible to modify the inspection forms according to the customer’s needs.

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