Many reasons to choose Geomachine



NGI is an independent Norwegian research and consultancy institute in the geotechnical engineering sector. The company’s drilling and sounding units are used for various tasks in geotechnical drilling, bedrock core drilling and different instrumentation installations in soil and bedrock.

When it was time to replace their old drilling rig in 2017, NGI selected Geomachine (GM) as the rig supplier. There were many reasons for selecting GM, not least their service agreement with PTO in Norway. Geomachine’s delivery of critical components is in a class of its own and obtaining parts and repairs for rigs is easy.

Geomachine’s strengths include the modularity of the products and an extensive options list allowing for different configurations. Rig configuration is decided in cooperation with the customer.

Geomachine’s drilling and sounding equipment have evolved a great deal since the first models were introduced. Wide tracks and a large winch capacity enable excellent functionality in various types of terrain. In comparison to competitor models, GM rigs have a more flexible tower tilt function, which enables drilling in uneven terrain where other rigs cannot operate. It is also worth mentioning that GM rigs have a system for adding water to the airflow when drilling in bedrock at shallow depths using air pressure. This makes air drilling more attractive, as there are no dust clouds. An added benefit is that Geomachine rigs can be run with both a chuck and coring unit installed at the same time as a top hammer. Rubber tracks are also a good accessory option.

At first I was a bit suspicious about replacing the joystick with a remote control, but after just a few weeks, I couldn’t imagine drilling without it. I can strongly recommend Geomachine drilling rigs.

– Martin Lian Akerholt, Director of Drilling Operations

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