GMTracker is now suitable also for CPTu investigations


CPTu analytics

CPTu testing has been added as an investigation method to the GMTracker data-logger. This new feature makes GMTracker a perfect tool for producing high-quality data from all the most common ground investigation methods.

Geomachine has now added also CPTu testing to the GMTracker data-logger. CPTu drilling analytics is produced with Geotech Nova CPTu equipment, which works reliably in various research environments. During the investigations, the equipment provides information on, for example, tip resistance, casing friction, pore pressure, drilling angle and, as an option, also the temperature of the research environment. The real-time data transfer feature enables the driller to know what is happening below the surface at all times as the work progresses.

This additional feature makes the driller’s working day even smoother, more efficient and more productive, as all investigation methods can now be conveniently analyzed with the same data-logger.

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