A new product innovation for soil investigation



Geomachine is constantly developing its product range so that soil investigation can be done more efficiently and profitably. The most recent addition to offering is a sampler that enhances clay soil research.

“As the world’s leading provider of geotechnical, geological and geothermal drilling concepts, it is important for us to constantly develop our product range,” says Alexander Packalen, the COO of Geomachine. “Most recently, we have improved our product offering with a sampler for clay soil investigations. It makes the driller’s work more efficient and improves the quality of the sample.”

In cooperation with a Norwegian partner

Geomachine works closely with the Norwegian soil investigation company NGI. The new sampler was developed by NGI, and in the future its manufacturing will be transferred exclusively to Geomachine.

Kristoffer Kåsin, senior engineer of NGI’s field research, sheds light on the background of the sampler’s product development. “The first hydraulically activated sampler was designed decades ago, in 1952. We created this latest innovation to meet the needs of today’s soil investigation. The two-bar system has previously been used in the samplers. This new sampler can be attached directly to the drill rod, which takes away the need for changing the rod and thus increases the working speed.”

The driving force of the sampler is water pressure. “We came up with the idea of ​​using water pressure, because every soil investigation machine has a water pump. By guiding the water through the hollow drill rod to the sampler, a driving force can be generated to push the sampler into the ground. The empty test tube, on the other hand, is sucked back into the rod with compressed air.”

The new sampler makes work a lot simpler. In addition to saving time, the product also improves the quality of the soil sample. “In the new sampler, the piston rod doesn’t move, which ensures that the sample can be taken from exactly the right depth.”

First for use in the Nordic countries

The sampler will be launched on the soil investigation market during the summer of 2024. Geomachine’s customers in Norway, Sweden and Finland will be the first to get to use it. Currently, there are 54 mm and 72 mm diameter versions of the sampler.

According to Alexander Packalen, the new sampler has been proven to improve the driller’s work and is therefore an innovation that Geomachine is proud of. “Users have praised this new solution as great, well-functioning and easy to use. So we dare to promise that this purchase is worth making for every soil investigation professional who wants their work to become easier and more efficient.”

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