Geomachine challenges today’s drilling rig manufacturers with new, innovative well drilling rigs. Just like all GM products, our well drilling rigs are based on decades of experience and designed for the most demanding customer needs.


  • Compact-size drilling rig for DTH drilling
  • Casing pipes up to 168 mm
  • Drill rods up to 76 mm
  • Soil layer depths 0–50 m
  • Bedrock depths 0–400 m
  • For 4–6 inch hammers


  • Weight: 7,200 kg depending on accessories
  • Length: 5,300 / 6,500 mm, in transport position
  • Width: 2,300 mm
  • Height: 5,500 mm with mast up, 2,600 mm with mast in transport position

Geomachine will introduce a completely new type of well drilling rig.

The design of the rig includes improvements to health and safety, overall efficiency, and optimized fuel consumption. The new rig will enable automatic change of drill rods in six-meter preconnected blocks, taking the rig’s overall cost-efficiency and ease of use to the next level.

The rig’s control system and measurement features will also take it to the next level, enabling real-time monitoring of the rig’s efficiency and economy.

More information available soon.