The Geomachine range of intelligent solutions is constantly expanding. At the moment, we are especially proud of our new hybrid power pack, data logging software and the world’s most precise vane test device. Explore in more detail!

GM Hybrid is the world’s first emission-free alternative for soil investigation.

When a drilling rig is equipped with the hydraulic pack, the rig’s power source can easily be changed from diesel to electric.

Solution is designed for drilling operations without exhaust gases in urban working conditions. It is especially good while working in environments with emission or noise restrictions, as well as indoors.

The GM Hybrid engine pack can be fitted to five different Geomachine rig types GM75, GM85, GM100, GM200 and GM8.

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Geomachine will launch its own data logging software in 2021.

With the new solution, measuring and monitoring will become easier and more accurate. The user interface is simple and easy to use, which makes it simple to analyze and react to measurement data in real time.

By listening to our many customers, the system has been designed to maximize the productivity of drilling operations and the reliability of results.

The GM4W Blue has been designed for investigating soft soil and clay beds in accordance with current geotechnical requirements.

The device is suitable for use in all Geomachine drilling rigs. Drilling can also be performed using casing pipes, as they can be easily fed through the device.

Results can be monitored simultaneously on a graphic TFT color display. The unit is easy to use and compact in size. Measurements are linear and do not require any device correction factors.

Requirements for power supply and installation

  • Attached to the rig with a quick-coupler, power supply from the drilling rig
  • For an anchored vane device holder, a separate 12-V or 24-V battery power supply
  • Compatible with the Nilcon M70 holder unit
  • No need for a separate field computer

Technical specification

  • Torque 100 Nm or 180 Nm (limited by software)
  • Rotation speed 6 degrees/min, regardless of load, optional setting degrees/min available for special measurements
  • Illuminated graphic color display and keyboard
  • Recording interval 0.5 degrees
  • Storage capacity 32 Gb
  • Transfer of recorded data on a USB flash drive
  • Printouts in Infra, GOSH or SGF format
  • Calibration information in internal storage
  • Feed-through of casing possible
  • WiFi measurement monitoring and device control possible
  • Splash-proof (IP64)

Standard and optional accessories

  • Transportation box
  • Power supply cable
  • Coupling for 20-mm and 22-mm rods, through-feed of casing pipes
  • Slip coupling with bearing
  • Casing tube equipment, standard vanes
  • Adjustable anchored vane device holder