Geomachine is responding to the changing energy needs of the world and challenges geothermal drilling equipment manufacturers with new, innovative solutions. Like all our other products, our geothermal well drilling rig designs are based on decades of experience to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

The GM2000 is a geothermal well drilling rig that takes geothermal energy well drilling to a new, more efficient and profitable level. It is the world’s first well drilling rig specifically designed for 2,000-metre DTH drilling.

During product development particular emphasis was placed on improving the overall cost of drilling, like high speed and lifting force optimisation, as well automated monitoring while drilling. Like other Geomachine drill rigs, the GM2000 effectively bites beneath the world’s most challenging surfaces, especially the hard Scandinavian bedrock.

The GM2000 changes the role of the driller from an operator to a process controller. It enables successful drilling regardless of the user’s knowledge and experience, as the system automatically controls and adjusts drilling values and completes rod changes.

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  • Compact-size drilling rig for DTH drilling
  • Casing pipes up to 168 mm
  • Drill rods up to 76 mm
  • Soil layer depths 0–50 m
  • Bedrock depths 0–400 m
  • For 4–6 inch hammers


  • Weight: 7,200 kg depending on accessories
  • Length: 5,300 / 6,500 mm, in transport position
  • Width: 2,300 mm
  • Height: 5,500 mm with mast up, 2,600 mm with mast in transport position