The smallest model, GM50, is a two-ton crawler-mounted rig, while the most heavy-duty model, GM8, has eight rubber wheels and weighs almost ten tons. All our machines are available with the latest stage-5 engines and models from GM75 upwards can also be fitted with an electric motor alternative.

GM rigs are modular in construction and can be customized with various options to meet customer requirements in investigation and exploration works. Due to their versatility, they can be used for all major geotechnical and geological methods such as:

  • Weight sounding test
  • Vibration drilling
  • Seismic drilling
  • Sampling
  • Field vane test (FVT)
  • Dynamic probing (DP)
  • Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
  • Static dynamic penetration test
  • Installation of groundwater pipes
  • Percussion drilling
  • DTH Drilling
  • Casing Core sampling in rock
  • Cone Penetration tests (CPT and CPT-u)

Method comparison   Rig specifications   Boom specifications

Although GM50 is small, it can be used for all main investigation methods except casing drilling and core sampling in rock.

Due to its limited power, percussion drilling can only be used for hole opening purposes.

Small groundwater pipes can be installed in shallow groundwater wells. GM50 is always equipped with a Direct Cylinder boom which has one drilling table.

Due to its light weight and small dimensions, GM50 can be transported with a car trailer and is simple to handle on site.


GM65 is available with a medium duty direct cylinder or chain cylinder boom depending on customer requirements. Both boom types are equipped with two drilling tables and have two different rotary head options.

GM65 is capable of all geotechnical investigation methods and even has limited capabilities for core sampling in rock.


GM75 is the most popular rig model in the Geomachine fleet. In addition to chain cylinder and direct cylinder boom types, Geomachine’s latest boom innovation, Dual Mast, is also available.

GM75 has significantly more power than smaller GM models and can also be used for geological mine exploration in both soil and rock sampling using the optional diamond coring rotation unit.

GM75 can also be ordered with an electric motor or as a hybrid.


GM85 is a powerful choice for all moderately difficult investigation and exploration work.

GM85 is the most configurable of GM models and can also be equipped with the strongest GM rotation unit available.

GM85 has more power compared to smaller models and therefore works faster and goes deeper. An electric power pack can be attached to GM85.


GM100 is the heavy-duty workhorse for all geotechnical and geological investigations and is very powerful and fast. It can be equipped with a heavy duty direct or chain cylinder as well as several different rotary units and hammer alternatives, depending on customer requirements.

GM100 is designed for the most challenging geotechnical investigations and geological explorations. It is ideal for casing drilling and installing large ground water pipes.

GM100 can be equipped with a DTH drilling unit and a hybrid pack is also available.


GM200 is the GM100’s big brother and has even more power, ensuring even smoother operation. Rig is designed especially for deep hole core sampling in rock. GM200 is also available with a hybrid pack.


GM8 goes where no other drilling rig can. It is a special 8-wheeled model designed to access sites in the most difficult terrain.

The special carriage is highly configurable and can be fitted with all GM boom types, rotator units and hammers.

All soil investigation and mine exploration methods can be performed with this 10-ton eight wheeled mammoth.