Over the years Geomachine drilling masts have been optimized for soil investigation and mineral prospecting. Changes between investigation methods have been made quick and easy. At the same time, GM carriages have evolved to be able move in the most difficult terrains.

At times the customer might value the versatility and usability of GM’s world class booms, but site accessibility is easy, the best choice is to attach a GM boom to a 3rd party carriage. GM booms are modular in design and are easy to connect to tractors, excavators, barges, or other undercarriages that have the required hydraulic power. If needed, Geomachine will also design power packs for undercarriages as a turnkey service.


Dual mast is one of the latest GM innovations. It optimizes efficiency for performing CPT-u investigations by combining the best features from direct feed and chain feed booms into one package. The rapid speed of the chain feed boom can be used when augering and disassembling the drill rods, while the greater push force of the direct feed boom can be exploited when using the CPT. Dual mast boom is at its best in deep CPT-u measurements.

Although Dual mast boom is optimized for CPT and augering, there are also several other drill table options available and all other geotechnical and geological drilling methods can be carried out. Changing between operations is simple and fast. Dual mast booms can easily be attached to any 3rd party carriers with sufficient hydraulic power.

A chain-cylinder feed boom is the most common mast type in medium-duty soil investigation rigs in Scandinavia. The boom has sufficient compression and lifting force for most medium-duty investigation and exploration methods. Also, heavy duty chain cylinder boom type is available for the most demanding operations.

The chain feed doubles the speed of the carriage, making sampling and auger sampling quick and easy. The boom can also be used where the operating height is restricted e.g., rail track operations. Several drill-table options that can be attached to the chain-cylinder boom depending on customer’s requirements.

Like all other GM booms, chain cylinder booms can easily be attached to a customer’s own carriage.

Direct cylinder feed booms are simple and reliable to operate. This boom type is an efficient and economical alternative for all geotechnical and geological work. Direct feed booms have very precise feed management. Booms are at their best in core sampling in rock.

Direct cylinder feed booms are available in all sizes and can be used in all Geomachine rigs. Like other GM boom types, direct feed booms can easily be attached to the customer’s own carriage.