Geotechnical and Geological Drill Rigs

Our range of drilling rigs includes seven versatile rigs for various soil investigation and mineral prospecting needs. All our products are designed and built in Finland and are of the highest quality. Geomachine is also the first manufacturer to offer an electrically operated drilling rig for geotechnical investigations.

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Drill Booms

Geomachine masts have proven their worth over the decades as an integrated part of the drilling rigs. In case the customer does not require GM superior terrain capabilities, our masts can also be integrated with 3rd party undercarriages.

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Well drilling rigs

In 2021, we will launch well drilling rigs for a new era. We will automate the physical exchange of drill rods, optimize the rig’s fuel consumption, and bring the controlling and monitoring of well drilling to a whole new level with our extensive experience in geotechnical drilling.

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Geomachine compressors are easy to use and maintain. Our product range will expand in 2021 with the introduction of two new compressor models.

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Intelligent solutions

Geomachine product development is constantly trying to find ways to help our customers become more efficient. Our key innovations include the hybrid package, electric vane testing device and data logger.

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We would be more than happy to provide you with more information on our products, services, and innovations. Please contact our customer service to request a quote.